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Discussions > Wookie server and IWC updates

Wookie server and IWC updates

Bernhard Hoisl
2807 days ago

I almost finished my updates to the IWC component of the Wookie server.

Furthermore, I am now working on completely re-writing the IWC JavaScript library used within widgets. A new layout with small improvements will be provided by Helmut in which I will incorporate my changes.

As a teaser: There will be two data format options, now supporting JSON for communication between widgets, as well. Furthermore, I am using a status bar to show the communication status of the IWC component. AND: There will be a 'readme' file covering the usage of IWC (so, at least there is some documentation).


Thomas Ullmann
2807 days ago

Hello Bernhard,

this are great news! Let me know when I can try it.


Hendrik Drachsler
2807 days ago

Hi Bernhard,

good news, so when can we start to implement the new IWC into the remaining widgets?


Bernhard Hoisl
2807 days ago


as soon as I receive the files from Helmut and incorporate my changes and do some testing we can start. I expect beginning next week is a good starting point. Until then everything should be settled to be ready for widgetization of our services.

I will keep you updated when I'm ready and distribute the files to you (or better: show you where they reside) so you can have a look at my changes and do some testing, as well.


Bernhard Hoisl
2805 days ago

OK, here is the promised update:

I have finished now working on the widget template and a first version can be checked out from SourceForge. The design was slightly modified so that the LTfLL logo doesn't take too much space, but the real improvements are behind the scenes.

Improvements in short:
- improved IWC messaging
- IWC with key:val pairs and JSON possible
- status messages can be set
- design adapted
- design flags can be set (logo, help link: yes/no etc.)
- clean-up of the code
- overload of wookie functions if widget is used outside wookie container (widget detects automatically if it is within a wookie container and if not disables IWC and replaces Wookie specific functions. therefore, widget can be used elsewhere (with other widget servers or stand-alone) without any code change)
- and there are surely some minor issues which I have forgotten right now

So if you want to fetch the new template do a svn check out:

I tested my developments myself, so there are likely to be bugs. Please report anything unusual back to me.

A README file is also distributed along with the widget template. Please be sure to read it. Therein I tried to provide useful guidelines on how to create your widget.

If you are interested in the Wookie server with IWC functionality, just drop me a line as it is not online at the moment.