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The Super School Project

October 30, 2016 by AndrewRees   Comments (0)

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I believe that “Education should be FREE”. Actually it is, because thinking doesn't cost any money. Learning is a life time process. Schools these days has become business centers. They treat the students as ‘customers’.


Albert Einstein says that “I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”


Education is not about learning facts from a textbook and writing an exam. It is the process of training our brain to think. Of course, books are great source of knowledge. But there is no use of having an encyclopedia when you don’t know where and how to apply the knowledge.


I think, learning process should start with a goal in mind. Otherwise, we will simply flying blind. When I was in school, I wondered why I am learning everything from maths, physics, chemistry, biology, history and so on. I loved geometry from mathematics but hated equations from chemistry. I also had the question, why should I need to memorise the tables of 7 & 8 (really difficult), when I can use a calculator.


Well, more than 90 % of what I had learned from school (12 precious years) is not directly much use to my profession now. Many children, like me, go to school every day without even thinking why they go to school.


What is being studied in the school and college is not related to recruitment process for a interview. In fact, 85 % of success in any job is because of the person's softskills and only 15% contribute to the subject knowledge. But our school does the exact opposite. I think what we need is a new system of education.


A result oriented system where the students will decide what they want to achieve and start to work towards achieving it. A system where the student has both financial and academic freedom.


Let’s look at a middle school boy named Kalaivanar. Kalaivanar has built an exercising machine which can produce electricity (Create power and stay fit).


I say, at the age of 14, he is already an engineer. He doesn’t need the BE degree to prove that. So, age is just a number. What makes a person who he is, is his ability to think! These extraordinary students need a Super School. Because, I think they don’t fit in the existing system!


World famous artist Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”



The Super School doesn't have a fixed curriculum. But it has all the infrastructure and facilities as a regular school. Super School will have teachers in all subjects.

The student will decide when to study, what to study and how to study.

Some courses will be made Essentional. Such courses are Yoga and self development. All other learning will be the students decisions. Each student will be assigned a tutor who will guide, support and ensure that he is happy in his learning process.

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