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In the educational world, only very limited datasets are publicly available and no agreed quality standards exist on the personalization of learning. The SIG dataTEL aims to address these issues by advancing data driven research to gain verifiable and valid results and to develop a body of knowledge about the personalization of learning.
Discussions > Additional repository of research data

Additional repository of research data

Erik Duval
2541 days ago

At the CSCL conference in Hong Kong this week, I met Christophe Reffay (, who mentioned Mulce:

- Information about Mulce Project:  (french) or (english)
- About Platform of corpora sharing:
- Platform itself:

This is both a set of research data and a platform to manage such data. It seems to me that this group would be highly relevant to what we try to do in dataTEL?

I'll ask Christophe to join this group - I'm sure that he would be most interested in your feedback!

Hendrik Drachsler
2538 days ago

Hi Eric,

This initiative seems to be very interesting. They have already made several datasets available with interaction data, including a large dataset from the Virtual Math Team that is well known from the  CSCL community.

Thanks for pointing, I will invite Chritophe to the group space.

Thomas Ullmann
2516 days ago

I recently came accross the DataShop a data anlysis system for the learning science:

They have a couple of datasets with a focus on interaction data between the learner and a system.