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TEL strategy

Owner: teleurope

Group members: 25

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Welcome to the policy making group of TELeurope, meant for those who are interested in TEL from a policy perspective and will to engage in a two-way dialogue with the TEL research community to ensure that research support better policy making in Europe in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning.

What is STELLARNET? STELLARNET - Sustaining Technology Enhanced Learning at a LARge scale -is a Network of Excellence on TEL, motivated by the need to increase the capacity of European research on TEL so to allow the European Union to achieve its goals via the Bologna Agreement and the execution of the Europe 2020 strategy (read more).

Why do we need your help? To effectively contribute to the TEL research agenda, Stellar needs the input of key stakeholders involved in the process of design, development, implementation and evaluation of policy actions and initiatives in the field of TEL (read more).

How can we help you? We want to make the common statement “research is self-referential” an old fashioned one, at least in the field of TEL. For this reason, we provide a set of opportunities to allow a two-way dialogue between policy making and research in TEL (read more).

How can we engage together? Several instruments have been established for an engaged discussion. Find out more about TELeurope, the Stellar Stakeholders’ Advisory Board, the Network Link, our Policy Briefings and the main events here on this page: How can we engage together.


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