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In the educational world, only very limited datasets are publicly available and no agreed quality standards exist on the personalization of learning. The SIG dataTEL aims to address these issues by advancing data driven research to gain verifiable and valid results and to develop a body of knowledge about the personalization of learning.

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APOSDLE-DS โ€“ A Dataset from the APOSDLE Work-integrated Learning System

Data Set Contact

Guenter Beham, Know-Center GmbH, Inffeldgasse 21A, 8010 Graz,

Learning Setting

  • Workplace Learning


This dataset originates from the APOSDLE EU project which ran from March 2006 to February 2010.
APOSDLE is an adaptive work-integrated learning system aiming to improve knowledge worker
productivity by supporting learning situations within everyday work tasks. It recommends resources
(documents, videos, links) and knowledgeable persons (colleagues) based on the user’s current
context. All recommendations have been designed and implemented as so called knowledge services
The final prototype of the APOSDLE system was deployed and evaluated at three application
partner sites.

Within ISN network companies the focus is on project processing and management in order to provide
specialized know-how in the area of innovation and knowledge management to their customer
organizations. The main target group for the APOSDLE system at ISN network companies represents
experts mainly active in innovation and knowledge management domain as well as young
professionals and graduates that share the network. All of them are or intend to be specialized in a few, very specific fields such as specific management methods, patent management, creativity methods, etc. The strength of the network is that know-how from different fields can be rapidly brought together and applied to a customer’s situation. Thus the end users of APOSDLE at ISN are the consultants within the partner companies.

Data Set Coverage

Generally, all data has either been used or has been collected during the workplace evaluation which
ran from end of August 2009 until end of December 2009. The APOSDLE ISN enterprise model
contained in APOSDLE-DS is the same version which was used for the workplace evaluation. The list
of user activities as well as the description of snippets covers the whole evaluation period at ISN.

Legal Protection/Access Policy

All files part of the dataset distributed with this description are licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Austria License



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