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TELeurope Tutorial

This page will help you to make the most of TELeurope.


The TELeurope overview tutorial shows you all the main functionalities of TELeurope. This tutorial is especially for new users.

Registering and passwords:

In case you lost your password, this tutorial will show you how to get your access back.

Having problems to register? Take a look at this tutorial: Problems to register.

Feedback and contact person:

If you have any comments about how to make TELeurope better, take a look at the group "How to make TELeurope better" and add your comments.

If you can not find the answer to your question contact us via email and we will get in touch with you. You find the email address here: Support TELeurope.

TELeurope in detail:

Bringing your publications to TELeurope is described in the Publication Feed tutorial.

The How to Add an RSS Feed to your Group, and how to visualise it tutorials will show you how you easily can integreate your feeds into a group to bootstrap it with content.


You can find a short tutorial here: "Tip to set the access level for group discussions".


Last updated 2661 days ago by Thomas Ullmann

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It's good idea to connect researchers together. : ) We need network for ideas of learning developments.

Nikorn 2654 days ago

yes, it will be a good network for researchers about online learning.

BulentDos 2648 days ago

yes, it will be a good network for researchers . i have need logs file and data set

mohammad daoud 1870 days ago