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Format of the ARPLE11 Workshop

The workshop is organized in a highly interactive format. Expect something else than a typical workshop.

Introduction (15 min)
Setting the stage.

Firehouse introduction of the participants
Paper or Demo introduction of each accepted participant. The last slide is about the future challenges of the author (5 minutes for each participant (max 45 mins)). Some question, which can help you to structure your presentation:

  • What are you researching?
  • What are the challenges of your research?
  • What should we, as the participants of this workshop, focus on?
  • What should be on the research agenda of the next five years?

N:1 Feedback
Participants are asked to write down their feedback and to hand it over to the speaker after the presentation, following a short discussion.

Brainstorming session (60 mins)
Session at the Brainwriting pool:
The pool is filled with the initial challenges from the last slide. Everyone can take from the pool one challenge and annotate it, or pass it back to the pool, or add a new challenge.  

Clustering & prio session (30 mins)
Cluster it: Everyone introduces their annotated challenge paper. Afterwards the goal is to find three to four general areas in which the challenges could be subsumed. These are then visualized with a Card story board.
Prioritizing: The long shortlist
Mockups / scenario session (60 mins in 3 to 4 groups)
Pencil, paper, glue, and scissor session:
For each of the three to four grand challenges we will create a mockup or a scenario.
Presentation of mockups / scenarios (20 min)
Presentation of results, photo session

Challenges and milestones session (20 min)
Discussion about what’s next and when. Goal: roadmap for at least 2 years (R&D)
Challenge shout out: each participant has to name his major challenge (10 seks per participant)

Round-up discussion (10 min)


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